Mar 2021

Na’ím Anís Paymán is by nature entrepreneurial. He sees in the world around him the opportunities that wait to be exploited by those who can see and make the connections. Making connections between people and things before others or better than others is at the heart of progress.

A Natural Entrepreneur

This natural entrepreneur set out on his journey in business while studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge, during which time he set up a short-term accommodation provider in Cambridge and Oxford. Paymán Club grew across a number of UK cities, but Na’ím’s quest to progress quickly focussed on the software that he needed to support the growing business. Frustrated by the compromises in existing products and knowing something better was possible he set about creating the application to manage multi-channel property rentals properly. That restless desire to improve led to Zeevou – recognised as the Most Innovative New Hospitality Technology at the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020 and more recognition has followed.

The Science of Biomimicry

At Cambridge, Na’ím developed an interest in Biomimicry. Biomimicry is the science of applying nature-inspired designs in human engineering and invention to solve human problems. The laws of nature result in connection, interdependence and a sense of balance in the natural order. It’s here we see what to Na’ím is obvious and has led him to develop his thinking to build what he calls a “circular vertical business” now. A business structure that mimics and harnesses the natural connections and interdependence between organisations, people and processes in the same vertical space. Each in turn customer, supplier, advocate, user, developer of the others. Natural – to move from managing accommodation like hotels and Airbnbs to the Zeevou platform, to the next key vertical – the acquisition of hotels themselves: the development of a portfolio of properties that operate using the management processes and system applications within the group.

Exploiting Connections

This ability to see and exploit connections has resulted in further advances – during the last year, Paymán’s newly set up investment fund, Paymán Investments, has acquired 8 hotels in the UK and he’s not done yet.

Na’ím turned to Carbon Law Partners’ Kian Golestani to assist with the legal aspects of his acquisition strategy. Both men are proud of their Persian heritage and connect at many levels. Of Na’ím, Kian says “His daring and determination are second to none. These qualities are combined with a relentless work ethic. As a lawyer trained to consider and address all the risks in any transaction, keeping up can be a challenge in itself. However, having worked together on a number of transactions, our understanding of one another’s needs and styles has evolved resulting in a commensurate increase in the level of mutual trust and confidence.”

Those views are echoed by Na’ím “Working with Kian has been one of the greatest pleasures in this journey over the last several months. Whenever I see his emails pinging on my phone or laptop, I feel confident that whether I am about to read through some good news or bad news, there’s nothing to worry about as he’s got my back. It is rare to find such promptness, professionalism, and dedication as Kian’s work ethic evinces.” and the relationships have blossomed as Kian has introduced other partners in Carbon Law Partners to ensure Paymán Investments can access the advice it needs to continue to develop. “And while such service is truly hard to come by, I have been pleasantly surprised in finding this sense of outstanding service suffused throughout the entirety of Carbon Law Partners.”

More acquisitions are on the cards with several more hotels in sight for Paymán Investments. That’s unlikely to be the culmination of this entrepreneur’s vision, after all, he’s not 30 yet!

And what drives him?

Na’ím wants to create an Institute of Biomimicry. Who’d bet against this Cambridge graduate in Natural Sciences from mimicking yet more natural connections in the pursuit of his circular vertical business?

Carbon Law Partners Team is led by Kian Golestani working with Darren Lewis and David Martin

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Na’ím Anís Paymán - “I want to create an Institute of Biomimicry”