Alternative careers for lawyers

The legal profession has a legacy reputation for being traditional and formal. A place where there is only one way to the top and the workplace can cause lawyers to burn out.

That’s why many lawyers are trusting our Platform and joining our community at Carbon Law Partners to help them take the leap and embark on an alternative career in the legal industry. Carbon Law Partners was designed for experienced lawyers looking to grow their own legal practice in a community of legal consultants. We have created a purpose-driving legal model that’s built on shared values and high standards.

We’re redefining partnership.  Take control of your career and build your own legal practice with Carbon Law Partners.

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Why you might be looking for an alternative career in law

There are many reasons why you, as an experienced lawyer, might be looking to change your career. You might be frustrated by a model that contains aspects of what you do as a lawyer and prevents you from doing the client work you love. Maybe you crave more flexibility and being able to work on your own terms. Maybe you are looking for a new opportunity, a fresh start or a way of honouring your legal career in a manageable way until you retire.

If you find yourself nodding to any of the above, then it might be time to start thinking of starting your own legal practice with Carbon Law Partners.

Is Carbon Law Partners for you?

Our culture is important to us. It’s what sets us apart in the legal industry. If you’re an experienced lawyer looking to take control of your legal career and create a business with capital value, then Carbon Law Partners could be the right option for you. We are always looking for:

  • Lawyers who are committed to being the best for their clients
  • Lawyers who want to build something with capital value
  • Lawyers who want to work somewhere you get to be yourself
  • Lawyers with at least 5 years PQE.

If you are a senior lawyer who has always dreamed of running your own legal practice, we have created Carbon Law Partners to make that a reality. We can provide you with everything you need to start and run your own legal practice from the get go, so you flourish in your legal career.

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Do you share these qualities?

At Carbon Law Partners, it’s not just about what you do but how you do it. That’s why we have put together a list of qualities called the 7 Carbon Competencies, that we believe are critical to achieving long-term success at Carbon. Alongside being an experienced lawyer, we want you to:

  1. Be client obsessed
  2. Have entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Be collaborative and trustworthy
  4. Deliver results
  5. Have strong commercial acumen
  6. Insist on the highest standards
  7. Have a true passion for learning

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the above questions, then you sound like our kind of Carbon partner. To learn more about the joining process, get in touch with our team and we will walk you through the next steps and help you change your career direction in the legal industry.

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