The Carbon Story

When we started Carbon Law Partners, we looked at how law firms worked and how they could be improved. The answers were clear and our ideas were simple. We needed a platform that aligned the interests of clients, lawyers, staff and suppliers. Since then, we have continued to improve, ensuring we are better tomorrow than we are today.

Creating a place for exceptional people to flourish

Established in 2014 by Michael Burne, Carbon Law Partners was created to provide a platform for lawyers and clients to connect in ways not possible in traditional or consultant solicitor law firms.

Born from experience in both private practice of top 10 law firms and in boards of large financial services businesses, Carbon set out with a clear purpose to align the interests of all stakeholders, including clients, lawyers, support staff and suppliers. At the time, being a client really helped Michael and the founding team to focus on what clients really want from their relationships with lawyers and what lawyers really want from practicing law.

Building a better culture

Creating Carbon required a back to the drawing board approach, taking the very best from existing law firm models and blending it with inspiration from other sectors. The result was a platform that provides the very best support to lawyers who can advise clients when, where and how they choose. Yet, it’s so much more than that.

At Carbon, our culture is what makes us different. We believe in:

  • Equity. The opportunity for all of our lawyers and staff to own a stake in what we are building together. We enable them to take home 70% of their earnings.
  • Quality. Independent, external auditors review client files without notice to our lawyers ensuring we really put standards first. Removing the admin tasks from our lawyers’ day-to-day work also gives them the time to deliver quality services to clients.
  • Value. A right for our lawyers to transfer their valued client relationships to colleagues when they retire and so ensuring great care is taken of clients by all.
  • Exclusivity. All of our lawyers only practice law through Carbon and are not hosted by multiple firms or platforms with the risks to clients and our community that poses.

It’s these qualities that have got us to where we want to be. Together they ensure all stakeholders in Carbon are happier in our culture and aligned to deliver great work for clients, forming our collective DNA.

Making a difference in the legal industry

Carbon Law Partners has and never will be a rigid model. The legal market is continually evolving and so will we. We will continue to adapt to changing market conditions and developing stakeholders’ requirements, to ensure we keep offering something which truly makes a difference to lawyers and clients. Going forward, our goal will remain the same and can be summarised in just 14 words:

Our mission is to create and develop the conditions for exceptional people to flourish.