Private Dispute Resolution

At Carbon Law Partners, we understand that disagreements happen. Whether it’s a neighbour dispute about boundaries or a family dispute about a will, a resolution can always be found. With the support of our dispute resolution solicitors, you can reach a settlement in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

How our Dispute Resolution Solicitors can help

Our dispute resolution solicitors have helped clients overcome a wide range of private disputes, including:

  • Banking Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Contesting a Will
  • Employment
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Mediation
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property Disputes

However, not all disputes need to end up in court. In fact, our dispute resolution solicitors believe there are a number of options worth trying before taking your case to court, such as:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Arbitration (a private hearing)
  • Mediation (helping two sides reach an agreement)
  • Ombudsman (independent experts consider both sides)

Why choose our Dispute Lawyers

Our dispute resolution lawyers work with you to resolve your dispute using their years of experience helping clients like you.

We’re supportive

At Carbon Law Partners, we don’t see you as just another case. Our private dispute lawyers will get to know about you and your circumstances. In doing so, we will provide you with tailored legal advice, better supporting you towards a solution.

We’re understanding

Our dispute resolution solicitors understand how stressful disputes can be. To avoid unwanted tension and costs, we will aim to get your case resolved as quickly as possible. Best case scenario is that we reach a settlement before your dispute ends up in court.

We’re straight-talking

We believe jargon only makes things more complicated than they need be. Our dispute resolution solicitors are straight-forward and straight-talking. We’ll sit down together, chat things through, explain your rights, weigh-up your options and make a cost effective plan to resolve the situation.