Jun 2024
New Horizons: Kate Walsh Reflects on Her Fresh Start with Carbon
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We caught up with one of the latest additions to the Carbon Law Partners Team, Kate Walsh – a specialist in Employment & HR services, who recently joined us.

Here, Kate shares her first impressions, experiences, and future aspirations since arriving – discover why Carbon is the place for ambitious legal professionals seeking both freedom and support.

What attracted you to join Carbon Law Partners?

The freedom of building my own practice but also having the support of great individuals who lead Carbon Law Partners. You are not on your own.

How would you describe your first day here?

Fantastic because I realised I could wave goodbye to time recording and lengthy team meetings meaning I had more time to spend on achieving great results for clients.

Can you share a highlight from your first month with us?

Attending Carbon’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner. It was great to hear of Carbon’s past achievements and get to know other partners more, who have all been very welcoming and friendly. I was stunned to receive 6 client referrals in my first week, ensuring a really great start!

How have you found the support from your team and other colleagues?

Rebecca in the Ops Team helped me to get to grips with the IT side of things very quickly and was always available for any follow-up questions I had. It has also been great to meet the other partners at the different Partners and Brands events which are held on a quarterly basis.

In what ways has working here met or exceeded your expectations?

Before I moved to Carbon I was prepared for minimal interactions with colleagues and minimal support but was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a strong sense of community at Carbon. Even though we are all working to develop/strengthen our own practices, I think that we all share similar values and would offer each other support if needed.

How does your role here at Carbon differ from previous positions you’ve held?

I have worked with great teams previously. It’s surprising to find myself in a self-employed role and feeling a greater level of support and encouragement regarding future goals than I ever did in private practice. Carbon offers the best of both worlds by having the freedom to build your own practice but support on hand if needed.

Are there any aspects of your job now that you find more fulfilling compared to past roles?

I enjoy having the freedom to specialise in topic areas which I have a genuine interest in and can post content about it without going through a drawn-out approval process.

What are some goals you’re hoping to achieve in the next year with Carbon Law Partners?

  • Develop more partnerships with businesses in local and surrounding areas.
  • Achieve a holistic approach in client service delivery by not only advising clients but conducting training and carrying out investigations too.

How do you think being at Carbon will help in achieving these goals?

I am looking forward to working on my goals with coaching support provided by Carbon.

What advice would you give someone considering a move to Carbon?

Self-employed life is not for everyone. If tempted by the fun and freedom building own practice – TAKE.THE.LEAP. Life is short so spend it doing something that fires you up!


Kate’s journey is just one example of how joining like-minded professionals under our umbrella allows lawyers like her to flourish.

If you would like to work with Kate, or find out more about her see: https://carbonlawpartners.com/team/kate-walsh/

If you are inspired by Kate’s and story thinking about making a change yourself visit: https://carbonlawpartners.com/join-carbon/