May 2022
An alternative path to law firm partnership with Carbon Law Partners

There’s a reason why lawyers are stepping off the traditional ladder to law firm partnership and are joining Carbon instead.

At Carbon Law Partners, we empower lawyers to build their own legal practice on their own terms. This means that they don’t have to confine themselves to the traditional structure of a law firm and jump through hoops until it’s “their turn” to become a law firm partner, whilst still enjoying the benefits of growing their own legal practice.

Carbon Law Partners is an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) that’s regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). Our platform offers an alternative career path for lawyers who want to break away from the partnership traditional structure and be involved in the ownership and management of their own law firm whilst still being part of a thriving community of like-minded legal professionals.

The benefits of joining Carbon

If you’re yearning for better balance and control of your legal career, then joining Carbon Law Partners could be for you. Read on to learn more about how Carbon provides an alternative career for lawyers and the benefits of setting up your own legal practice on the Carbon platform.

Be your own boss

In today’s working world, more and more professionals seek freedom and flexibility away from traditional working structures. And that’s exactly why Carbon was founded – to provide great lawyers with the freedom to run their own legal practices, with all the support they might need around that to free them up to focus on the highest levels of client service.

Our platform enables you to build a legal practice on your terms. We give you the freedom to create a work schedule and grow a team – if you want – that matches your vision. Our platform enables you to progress your legal career and grow your business sustainably and effectively whilst the community cheerleads you along the way, so you never feel like you are on your own.

Administrative support for your growing legal practice

Whether you are looking to raise an invoice, input data, have a professional field your calls or send letters, you can access full administrative, financial, operational and marketing support through the Carbon platform. This gives you the time to focus on delivering a great service to your clients and growing your practice.

A fairer share of the financial pie

We’ve reworked remuneration so business development is rewarded. If a client is yours, you will receive 70% of all the fees generated. You can also earn more by referring clients to others at Carbon Law Partners and our sister brand Bamboo Platform. We are also one of the first law firms to introduce a stakeholder model so everyone from our partners to our Hub staff can own a share in our platform’s success.

Build your own brand

When you join a law firm, it can sometimes feel like you are trying to fit into a corporate mould. There may be aspects of firm management that you don’t agree with, but you don’t feel like it’s your place to have an opinion. As a Carbon Law partner, we make sure that you have the opportunity to develop your brand and run your legal practice the way you want to. Carbon Law Partners prides itself on being a collection of individuals and we celebrate diversity and individuality whilst giving you a known brand to market with.

Deliver exceptional client service

Our core purpose at Carbon is to enable our partners to deliver outstanding levels of service to their clients. We set the highest of standards and hold ourselves to account with regular auditing and give you all the support you need to focus on what you’re best at – providing expert legal advice in your field to your clients. We give you all of the benefits of running your own show, without the headaches.

Ready to go your own way?

Head to our ‘Join Carbon’ page to learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner at Carbon Law Partners and setting up your own legal practice.

If you would like more information about taking the next step, then get in touch to speak to us about joining the Carbon team.