Lawyers join Carbon Law Partners for a number of reasons, whether they want the freedom to progress their legal careers on their own terms or the ability to be entrepreneurial within a supportive structure. However, we understand that our lawyers work to live and not the other way around. That’s why we ensure our lawyers are highly incentivised when it comes to fees.

How do we handle fees?

  • No matter what your level of experience is, you will always receive up to 70% of fees generated, depending on where a client has come from.
  • If the client is yours, you will receive the full 70% of fees generated.
  • If you receive a client referral from another lawyer with Carbon, you will receive 60% of the fees generated, with a minimum of 10% going to the client owner.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you have your own client following, you can earn more than in many traditional law firms.
  • If you have strong business development skills, you can earn passive income through referring to others in the team.
  • If you are not as active when it comes to business development, you can still earn more than in a traditional law firm with referrals from others in the community, as well as referrals from our sister brands on the Bamboo Platform.

At Carbon Law Partners, we understand that we are entering a new era of marketing and business development, where everyone has the channels to promote themselves and generate their own work. We want to empower and support all our lawyers to do that, and to build their own practice with capital value.

What other options are there?

Once you become a partner, you will have the option of buying shares in Carbon through our stakeholder model. You will have the opportunity to do this as soon as you join or over a number of months, via a savings plan. This approach increases investment in Carbon, enhances client services, and ensures we disperse the success of Carbon Law Partners with all who shape and drive the platform.