Junior Support

When it comes to junior support for your growing practice, we encourage our partners to hire their own team to build their practice. We can offer support and guidance on how to make that happen, including speaking with the many partners who are doing just that. This year, one of our partners has taken on our first Carbon trainee solicitor. Many employ assistants, PAs, paralegals and junior lawyers, all of whom become a valuable part of the Carbon team and develop their legal careers with us.

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Until you reach this point, our Concierge (accessed via our platform) can connect you to carefully selected services, including:

  • Flex Legal, who provide paralegals and qualified solicitors on demand by the hour or day.
  • Taborns, who allows our partners to access their own procurement team for anything, from litigation funding and ATE insurance to litigation disclosure systems and barristers.
  • Mushroom, who offer interim admin support at an additional charge, with a number of packages to choose from.