Culture and Community

With so many options now available for consultant lawyers, we know that company culture is a big factor in deciding where to grow your legal practice.

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Culture, camaraderie, collaboration

At Carbon, we want to retain the community feeling of a smaller business. Every individual matters, from Hub staff to partners to employees. Everyone plays a valuable role in the development of the firm. You never feel like a small cog in a big corporate wheel. We celebrate individuality as we know everyone does their best work when they can be themselves. We ensure everyone has freedom to achieve their ambitions and that we all help each other to do that. It’s collaboration over competition and we like to see others in the community do well.

Here are some of the initiatives that drive our culture and our community:

  • Regular meet ups. This is a chance for partners to come together at a lovely location and be inspired, informed and unite.
  • Monthly newsletter. We want you to feel involved in the direction of the business, so we send a monthly newsletter with everything that is going on behind the scenes at HQ.
  • A hands-on CEO. Our CEO, Michael Burne, ensures he keeps close contact with all partners who join Carbon. Michael piloted the business model himself before founding the firm, so is on the journey with you with his wisdom!
  • We encourage referrals which come to partners from the Carbon Hub, from other partners and from Bamboo Platform, our sister platform.
  • Annual AGM / party. Once a year we will come together for a bit of an update, but mainly for a lot of fun, as Carbon Law Partners and our sister brand Bamboo Platform.