Jun 2024
Myths About Wills and Why Everyone Should Have One
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Estate planning often raises many questions. Here, we address common misconceptions about wills that can lead to complications. Let’s explore three myths about wills, the truths behind them and why you should have a Will if you don’t already:

Myth 1: My Spouse Will Inherit Everything

Many believe a spouse automatically inherits the entire estate. While marriage grants some inheritance rights, it doesn’t guarantee a spouse will receive everything without a Will. UK intestacy rules can divide the estate among a spouse, children, and other relatives. For long-term cohabiting partners, the situation is even more vulnerable; they get nothing without a Will. Drafting a Will ensures your spouse and other beneficiaries receive what you intend and allows you to designate guardians for minor children.

Myth 2: I’m Not Wealthy Enough to Need a Will

Wills are essential for everyone, not just the wealthy. Regardless of financial status, a Will lets you dictate how your assets are distributed. Without a Will, the law (intestacy rules) decides for you, which may not reflect your wishes. Even modest estates include items of personal or sentimental value you’d prefer to assign. Assets like pensions, life insurance, and property can significantly increase your estate’s value, underscoring the need for a Will.

Myth 3: I’m Too Young to Need a Will

Accidents and illnesses can happen at any age. If you have children, own a home, or hold any valuable assets, a Will is crucial. A will ensures your wishes are known and respected, providing peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for according to your instructions.

The Value of a Will

A Will is not just for the wealthy or elderly. It’s a fundamental part of estate planning for anyone wanting to ensure their wishes are honoured and their loved ones protected. A Will can save your family considerable hassle by clearly outlining how your estate should be managed and divided.

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