Jan 2024
Gillian Cowling Embraces Uninterrupted Work with Reliable Operating Systems

Following the recent addition of Gillian Cowling to the Carbon Community and our residential conveyancing team. We met with Gillian to talk about the key factors that drew her to Carbon. These were our commitment to excellence and innovation in legal practice, particularly our robust operating systems.

Gillian was immediately impressed by Carbon’s dedication to providing uninterrupted service through continuous investment in our operating systems. “When I learned about Carbon’s track record of zero working days lost due to system outages for six years, I knew this was a firm that prioritised efficiency and client service above all else,” said Gillian. “Having access to reliable technology allows me to focus on delivering exceptional legal services without any interruptions or delays caused by system failures.”

Clearly, reliable operating systems benefit both lawyers and clients alike. Systems that don’t work mean that legal matters are held up by a lawyer, completion dates are missed, and the legal process is inefficient – which isn’t acceptable. It is distracting and demoralising for a Lawyer to have to apologise for something which is outside of their control. Clients should have peace of mind knowing that their matters will progress smoothly, and lawyers are always accessible and responsive when needed most.

Of course, in the real-world problems happen! However, we are committed to investing in our infrastructure and resilience to reduce the risk of system failure, lost working days and disappointed clients.

Gillian is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead here at Carbon, where she has the conditions to flourish and to deliver even better results for her clients through access to critical information quickly, and real-time updates. “Being part of a firm that values excellence and invests in cutting-edge technology is a privilege,” Gillian added.

As Gillian settles into her role here, she is looking forward to delivering exceptional legal services supported by reliable operating systems.