Aug 2022
The appeal of legal consultancy for senior lawyers
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Following an article in The Lawyer on the trend of lawyers leaving traditional law firms for legal consultancy, our friends at TBD Marketing wrote a piece outlining the most compelling reasons for senior lawyers, including:

  • A valid employment model that rewards them but which doesn’t saddle them with the additional burdens
  • The ability to earn as they work and the freedom to manage their own time
  • Ability to better balance legal life with caring responsibilities
  • With the option to take home 70% of any work the lawyer wins themselves, it simply makes more financial sense for entrepreneurial lawyers.

Read TBD’s full article here, including insights from our very own CEO Michael Burne:

“Law has always been a people business and personal brands are the driver for winning and retaining clients. Consultancy shines a light on this. You may even find a real equity share, a retirement value in your practice and little risk when compared to a partnership or the larger consultancies.”

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