Feb 2022
Watches of Wales is where it’s at for Carbon Law Partners

We love shining a light on our clients at Carbon Law Partners. This story is about working with the award-winning business  Watches of Wales to provide them with a range of legal services to support them on their business journey.

Working with Welsh businesses at Carbon

Carbon Law Partners has a strong Welsh heritage. As one of the first “virtual” law firms, our lawyers work for businesses and individuals across England and Wales, but we have strong representation in our  partner community and client base when it comes to Cymru, the Land of Song. Working with family-owned Welsh businesses is a big part of what we do. And nothing is better than being with a business on its growth journey as its trusted legal partner – especially when that business deals in the glamorous world of luxury watches with a Hall of Fame that boats a range of well-known celebrities. If you are an avid horologist, Watches of Wales is a company for you!

Keeping it in the family

Let’s start at the beginning over twenty years ago. Paul Hornblow, the founder of Watches of Wales, started working life in the family antique business. He then sharpened his trading skills when he went to Denmark and purchased a warehouse full of stylish Danish furniture, which he sold back in the UK. It was his love of trading and the experience of rare and vintage items from the family business that led him to start Watches of Wales.

From start-up to award-winning business

Twenty years later and Watches of Wales is a thriving business. It is the UK’s fastest growing pre-owned luxury watch specialist. They buy and sell some of the world’s finest watches, stocking brands from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier and many more. If your penchant is for watches, this is your idea of heaven! Paul and his team have a reputation not only for high quality watches and exceptional service but for discretion. As a result, their clientele includes sports personalities from across the sporting world from rugby football, boxing and MMA as well as entrepreneurs and collectors.

Building a relationship on trust, respect, and service

Paul met Carbon CEO  Michael Burne socially a while back before instructing Carbon Law Partners – proving that there is still a place for old fashioned networking in legal business development! Since getting under the skin of the business and its goal, that relationship has expanded to provided legal services that include commercial, corporate, employment, property and litigation work to support the business.

It’s a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and great service. It’s how both businesses like to operate.

Paul commented:

 “I like the plain-speaking, no-nonsense style of the lawyers at Carbon. Michael and I have a great understanding between us because we have taken time to build our relationship. Communication is key to good business relationships, and I appreciate the standard of service from Carbon that I know my clients expect from our business too.”

It’s like music to our ears!

If you are in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff and would like an afternoon of watch-shopping, pop in and see Paul and his team. You might even bump into a celebrity whilst you are there!

To check out Watches of Wales range, have a look at their website on  www.watchesofwales.co.uk.

Carbon Law Partners works with businesses and individuals across England and Wales. It works with a range of Welsh businesses and is proud to have several Welsh speaking partners in its community. If you are a family-owned Welsh businesses looking for support, contact one of our team at Carbon Law Partners.