Dec 2021
Out with the old and in with the new at Carbon Law Partners 2022

It’s out with the old and in with the new at Carbon Law Partners this week as we launch our new website with a twist on the old look and feel.  

We won’t beat about the bush. It’s been a tough two years. We have faced our fair share of challenges whilst working through a global pandemic. But we have worked together to overcome these and find ourselves looking towards a new year, a new phase of growth, with renewed purpose and enthusiasm about what we do at Carbon Law Partners. 

We’re optimistic for a few reasons. 

Carbon Law Partners – what’s in a name? 

Firstly, we revisited our brand promise and mission. Was it still fit for purpose, after all these years, after so much has changed? Had we changed our vision? Why did we call the business Carbon Law Partners in the first place? 

We spoke with lawyers, partners and clients to remind ourselves of the early brand work we undertook when we created Carbon Law Partners. It’s not a name without meaning. Carbon is, of course, the basis of life. Law is what we do. Partners is about the spirit of partnership, how our lawyers work with their clients for shared outcomes. Carbon is also flexible. Mix it with something else, and a new thing is created. Every time a new lawyer joins Carbon Law Partners, a chemical reaction happens. News possibilities and connections open to us all. Our dynamic is improved and enhanced.  

Embracing change and celebrating the possibilities created is what we are all about. Carbon Law Partners is a place for collaboration between lawyers and their clients. A platform that creates the conditions for exceptional people to flourish – our team, our suppliers, our lawyers and our clients. Flourishing together.  

Legal entrepreneurialism – it’s on the rise 

The fact that the brand promise we developed back in 2014 still resonates so strongly confirmed what we have always suspected – that we have been ahead of our time in many respects. The legal landscape has been rapidly changing for years. Alternative legal services providers, NewLaw models, flexible legal resourcing solutions, whatever you choose to call it, there are now lots of different ways to practice as a lawyer and buy legal services. The past two years has caused many lawyers to re-evaluate how they can work, retaining flexibility and control whilst delivering the best client experience. We are now speaking with lawyers every day who want to keep working on their terms, finding a balance that ensures they enjoy professional reward and freedom whilst enjoying other aspects of life. Legal entrepreneurialism is on the rise! And we are there to welcome legal rebels who want to join our alliance, either by growing their own practice as part of the Carbon community or setting up their own firm with our sister company, Bamboo Platform.  

And by the way, Carbon and Bamboo are a great referral community for each other – we love how that is working out!  

Equity for all 

We’re optimistic as we believe in the future of our model. It’s not just about providing a platform for entrepreneurial lawyers to practice law. We know there are any other number of law firms or legal services businesses who enable lawyers to do this. Our model is more than a platform. At the very heart of Carbon is our purpose to ensure every member of staff, every lawyer and business professional supporting us is able to share in the success of the platform and buy equity through our stakeholder model. We were one of the first law firms to do this. And now we are seeing others follow suit. And whilst we are on it, why should you spend your professional life working for someone else to retire? Carbon Law Partners is about your building up a business that has capital value and you being in control of when you might pass that on to another lawyer in the community. Continuity for your clients and a plan for the future for you which you can control. 

So step inside and visit a whole new world of messaging on why we believe growing your own law business on a platform like Carbon’s is the future in terms of ownership, outstanding client service and professional well-being. 

And if you are a client looking for legal services from someone who speaks your language, then hop over to our brand new partner pages and have a look at who in the team you could work with.