Jan 2021
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Is flexible working the future?

2020 saw more than 46% of UK employees being obliged to adopt an “at-home” working environment. While job titles and duties remained the same, new methods of working needed to be discovered and integrated into daily routines.

To work from home requires autonomy and organisation to maintain productivity and efficiency. For some people, this has proved to be challenging, especially where family commitments come to the fore – including caring responsibilities perhaps, or home-schooling – and may make them look forward to eventually returning to the structure of the office and a more predictable routine. For others, this independent method of working may have proved to be a positive in a difficult context, encouraging them to pursue their career in a more flexible environment that is more responsive to their needs.

The flexible working solution for lawyers

Flexibility in the workings of a conventional corporate law firm can sometimes be hard to find. From legal processes themselves to the necessarily disciplined due diligence required for case and client management, many law firms continue to rely on traditional structures to deliver their services. Yet, since leaving the physical structure of the office environment, it’s likely that many lawyers have had their eyes opened to the autonomy that comes with flexible working.

There is an alternative. Designed for entrepreneurial lawyers, Carbon Law Partners, with its “people-centred, platform-based” structure, provides you with the opportunity to have your own practice and grow in the way – and at the pace – you want to, both personally and professionally.

Having taken the best bits of traditional law firms, we’ve created a way of working that’s aligned to your needs and those of your clients. With comprehensive training and ongoing support all part of the package, we’re not just here to encourage, but to truly enable you to take back control of your work.

Benefits of joining Carbon Law Partners

Grow the business you want

Our brand, platform and experienced team give you “freedom within a framework”, providing you with everything you need to develop your own legal practice. We’re committed to bringing flexibility back into the law industry, one partner at a time. From handling invoicing and compliance to providing IT support, Carbon Law Partners manages the processes, software and applications required to supply you with an efficient business structure to build upon in the way you want. This leaves you free to focus on the legal specialisms and services you are passionate about.

Measure Client relationships in “smiles”

At Carbon, how you approach and manage client relationships is completely down to you. So, if you’re ready to swap corporate scripts for a more personal approach, you can do just that. Measuring client satisfaction in smiles as well as revenue – now that makes for a great (and profitable) working day.

Set fees to suit your client

For entrepreneurial lawyers, growing a strong client base is an exciting part of the job. Clients will grow with you over time. Their needs and business model may well align better with a fixed fee at some times, sliding scales or retainers at others. At Carbon, this is your choice, to design fee structures that work for you and your client. After all, long-term relationships are generally the most mutually beneficial and enjoyable ones.

Be poised for the future

John Lennon was spot on in observing that “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Becoming a Carbon Law Partner provides you with a profitable and personalised business. This gives you more flexibility to organise your work around your life and life events, be they expected or unexpected, positive or negative. Whether you become a parent, experience a period of ill health, or assume caring responsibilities, you have the freedom to adapt your work and client schedule around your needs. And evolve them again when the next thing happens…

Becoming a Carbon Law Partner

If you’re looking for autonomy, flexibility and fun as a lawyer, with the support to grow a profitable business, but without having to pick up the corporate and compliance admin, Carbon Law Partners could be the place for you.

For a more personal, profitable and people-centred approach to legal practice, please get in touch with Carbon Law Partners.