Oct 2020

Why is our business called Carbon Law Partners?

“Carbon” is the 6th element in the periodic table. It’s the basis of life. “Law” is what we do.

“Partners” defines the spirit of partnership in which we work together with our team and their clients for shared outcomes.

As an element, Carbon is incredibly flexible. Mix it with something else and an amazing new thing is created. When every new person comes to our firm a wonderful chemical reaction happens. One person changes the whole tribe. New possibilities and connections open up. We are different with them. For us, embracing change in our name and celebrating the possibilities created is what we are all about. A place for collaboration between our lawyers and their clients. A platform that creates the conditions for exceptional people to flourish – our team, our suppliers, our lawyers and our clients.

Flourishing together.

That’s what’s in a name for us. It binds us.