Jun 2016

Michael Burne, our CEO, reflects on the momentous decision taken in the UK on 23rd June.

A historical moment.

For most of our (still young) lives, the UK has been a part of the European Union. Whether you wanted to stay, go or just didn’t know, the decision is made. There’s lots we don’t know and there will be lots of speculation.

One thing we can be sure of is that the road ahead involves change.

That’s true today, just as it was yesterday. The future was always set in a changing world.

Carbon is a tribe made up of people who welcome change. We welcome change and are used to driving it. We have a responsibility to help our clients to calmly navigate whatever the future holds. For some of our clients change will be hard and they will need to regroup and restructure, renegotiate or renew. For others it will be “steady as she goes”. For yet others, this will be a time of great potential.

Our brand of lawyering – cool heads, commercial savvy and an eye for the opportunity delivered in an open, human and friendly way will reassure and support our makers to make, our servers to serve, our builders to build and our doers to do.

Whether it’s commercial law, property and planning, corporate, employment, IP or disputes we are well placed to support the engines of our economy – the fast growing, enterprising and disruptive businesses. After all, in our own small way we’re one of them!

A historical moment, an opportunity to pause and reflect and a requirement that we serve our clients who will need our support whatever the future holds.