Jul 2014

David Calder, our guest blogger, explains how law firms have evolved over the last twenty years, not just in response to the Market but also to changing technology.

David made us laugh by reminding us that 20 years ago, if your secretary made a mistake, she had to either start the whole document over again or fiddle about with bits of white paper and correcting fluid! Can anyone else remember the days of Articled Clerks, telexes and fax paper that faded?

Since then the world has changed. It’s not just the traditional law firms that are changing the way they function and engage with clients, investing in process management and expensive software. We are seeing brand new, modern answers to the question: how can we go about providing a better service to businesses who need legal advice?

Our thanks to David for his overview. Here’s to Throwback Thursday!

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By David Calder, Managing Director, The Cash Room, www.thecashroom.co.uk